Naoya Hagiwara’s Slow-Talk Vol.42 / Medium-sized enterprise media strategy / Guest:Unosawa Shinichiro

Internet Radio “Naoya Hagiwara’s Slow-Talk” taking up seasonal topics useful for small and medium-sized enterprises.


The theme is “Medium-sized enterprise media strategy!~How to provide news that the media is interested in”

Guest is Shinichiro Unosawa, vice editor-in-chief of NewsPicks, Inc.

Modern information media is changing from paper to WEB.

Both the information receiving side and the transmitting side have to understand the change and respond to it. So this time, we ask Unosawa, vice editor-in-chief in the news sharing site “NewsPicks” specialized for economic information, who worked for 18 years at Nikkei, features of WEB media and points to be posted on WEB media.


Guest: Shinichiro Unosawa

NewsPicks, Inc. /vice editor-in-chief