Optius is a M&A Support Company for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Small Business

Will this Company Sell?

Focusing on the Main Business

Looking to Seperate Non-Main Businesses

Lack of a Successor

No Successor in the family

Acquiring Founder Profit

Looking to Challenge New Areas

Business in Deficit

Will a business in defecit sell?

Putting our hearts in to M&As for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Passing down the Owner’s treasure to the net generation.

We believe in giving and passing down businesses instead of simply selling and buying. Our goals is to help owners pass down their valuable company to the next generation.

A Company is a Living Creature

Unlike real estate that earns rent, a company earns revenue by having their employees work for the company. A simple purchase of a good company will not produce revenue. However, by following up on the purchase, the company will flourish. We place high emphasis on supporting the development of enterprise value after an M&A.

Careful and Humble

Our company is unable to process massive numbers of M&As like the large M&A companies. However, we place importance on each company, employee and owner’s values to perform carefully thought out matching and execution of our M&A services.

Compatible with all cases

The company’s business experience, new business, overseas expansion, M&A know-how, and information network make it possible to connect the companies and create various “catalytic functions” that cause chemical reactions. Solve management issues.

Support of Optius

Small and Medium Sized Enterprises・Micro-Enterprises can perform M&As

From the manufacturing industry to the service industry, any industry can be a candidate

Ensuring a persistent management of your company

Utilize M&A to avoid a lack of a successor

Support of Optius

Joining a leading company’s group to induce corporate growth

With our company’s support, a company (business) will grow and will be available for business
transfer(sold) following an increase in corporate value

A loss making company can be transferred(sold)

Support of Optius

Securing human resources through M&A

Raising the founder’s profit and supporting new business challenges

Detaching non-core businesses

Support of Optius

Past performance and knowledge in overseas business

Utilizing a vast network in various industries

Support for both small and medium sized enterprises and companies valued over 10 billion yen

Many past records for cases in rural areas. Capable of managing business in all areas

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