Revitalised a company after bankruptcy through EBO

Type of Business:Textile dyeing and processing

Business Scale:50 million JPY

M&A Advisory

Organizational Restructuring to Expand Market Share

Type of Business:Service

Business Scale:5 billion JPY annual

IPO Consulting (IPO Support)

Business Networking in Myanmar’s Construction Market

Type of Business:Display design

Business Scale:5 billion JPY annual revenue

Introducing Overseas Partners

Japan’s first medical joint venture project in electrocardiography & diagnosis

Type of Business:IT system developer

Business Scale:Over 20 billion in annual revenue

Planning and Execution Support of New Business

Fund raising through Equity Finance for an Unlisted Company

Type of Business:Information Technology (IT)

Business Scale:less than 5 billion JPY (annual revenue)

Finance support

Specizlied support leading to an IPO

Type of Business:Sales Promotion・Advertising Agent

Business Scale:Approximately JPY 5,000M

IPO Consulting (IPO Support)

Succsession through M&A for a company lacking a successor

Type of Business:Sales Promotion・Advertising Agent

Business Scale:JPY 2,000M

M&A Advisory

Revitalization of a Company under Civil Rehabilitation Utilizing M&A (Business Tranfer)

Type of Business:Plastic Container Manufacturer

Business Scale:Business Scale:JPY 1,500M

M&A Advisory

EBO Following a Voluntary Bankruptcy to Revive the Business

Type of Business:Textile Dyeing and Processing

Business Scale:JPY 50M~

M&A Advisory