IPO Consulting (IPO Support)

Organizational Restructuring to Expand Market Share


  • IPO ready corporate structure and company rules.
  • Acquired necessary knowledge for planning and executing M&A strategies.
  • Renewed the management system for higher efficiency.

Company TypeN

  • Type of Business: Service
  • Business Scale: 5 billion JPY annual
  • Business Area: Western Japan
  • Number of Employees: 100+


  • Current Business is stable
  • Increase of stores are as planned.
  • Highly interested in acquiring competitors.

Managerial Challenges

  • Management system was not able to keep up with their fast paced store openings.
  • Did not have the knowledge to plan nor execute M&A strategies.
  • New means for funding were required in order to expand their business.

Contents of Support
(Market Research, General Consultation)

  • Corporate restructuring focused on delegation and authority for efficient management.
  • Corporate M&A advisory service
  • Shareholder composition and stock option planning

Optius's Plus One!Support on dealing with securities and audit firms for IPO

  • Attend meetings with securities and audit firms
  • Arranged contracts with printing company and shareholder registry admin.