Financial Consulting

Manufacturing Management Education / Business Restructuring Support


  • Increased sales by 30% and profits by JPY1,000M in 3 years!
  • Successfully helped educate management employees and improved inter-department communication
  • Visualized the current business and facilitated the utilization of PDCA Cycles

Company TypeN

  • Type of Business: Plastic・Rubber Manufacturing Company
  • Business Scale: JPY 1,000M~
  • Business Area: Kanto Region
  • Number of Employees: 10

Status of Business

  • Company N had been manufacturing plastic and rubber products for many years. However, price competition with Chinese companies and the decline in demand following the bankruptcy of the Lehman Brothers impacted Company N's cash flow. The company was continuously rescheduling their accounts payable and loan repayments.
  • Due to the lack of communication between the owner and the employees, the employees had no way of understanding the corporate philosophy, strategy and the company's, management was nearly corrupt.

Managerial Challenges

  • Lack of communication between employees where no one knew the goals and challenges in the business
  • Lack of production control and management by objectives
  • Lack of management through figures, budgetary control and PDCA

Contents of Support
(Market Research, General Consultation)

  • Optius's staff joined managerial meetings hosted by the owner to facilitate communication, share management challenges and gear employees towards solving such challenges
  • Set monthly production goals, managed actual results, introduced leadership training and employee training
  • Explained the idea of sales and profit (understanding the income statement), Releasing managerial numbers and sharing goals, budget control and utilizing PDCA cycles

Optius's Plus One!Supported the establishment of Company N's new businesses in hopes of no longer being a subcontractor

  • Due to the business structure, Company N's sales was affected by the orders of their clients. By establishing a brand and creating new products, Company N attempted to add value to their products to avoid becoming a simple subcontractor.
  • Preconditions for the planning, partnership and coordination for this scheme was to build a new business closely related to the current business with minimal extra costs.