Improved communication between employees and departments

Used Furniture Wholesaler’s Business Revitalization and Systemization Support


  • Improved the awareness of potential executive candidates
  • Lubricated communication between departments
  • Succeeded in delivering the policies and passions of the CEO to the employees

Company TypeD

  • Type of Business: Used Furiniture Wholesale
  • Business Scale: JPY 2,000M~ , Profitable Company
  • Business Area: Kanto Region, Overseas
  • Number of Employees: 20

Status of Business

  • The used furniture market is experiencing firm economic growth
  • Business challenges include training an executive candidate capable of succeeding the current business

Managerial Challenges

  • Lack of executives capable of succeeding the company
  • The owner's top down management was slowing down the employees waiting for orders
  • The Company lacked inter-department communication due to its vertically divided structure

Contents of Support
(Market Research, General Consultation)

  • Confirming Company Z's demands and consulting the status of the local factory
  • Utilized and signed an attorney contract with a Chinese lawyer (Company Z)
  • Optius performed project management (Organized the scheme, managed the schedule and gathered information etc.)
  • Implemented smooth personnel cuts and business suspension by partnering with a Chinese lawyer

Optius's Plus One!Supported Overseas Expansion

  • Through the analysis of managerial challenges, Optius was able to expand the business proposal to introducing an overseas partner