M&A Advisory

Sales scale-up through M&A of competitors


  • The sellers experienced fast paced selection and concentration of business through quick encashment
  • The buyer experienced a diversification in business and an increased presence in the market through business scope expansion
  • Employee Retention and Securing Human Resources

Company TypeC

  • Type of Business: Restaurant Industry with Foreign Capital
  • Business Scale: JPY 500M , Profitable Company
  • Business Area: Western Japan
  • Number of Employees: 20

Status of Business

  • When foreign capital was injected into the company, the company had to go through a selection and concentration of their current business. In order to expand their new business, company C decided to sell their non-core flour product business.
  • Company C was looking to expand their new business while maintaining their employees using the cash generated by the divestment.

Managerial Challenges

  • Quick encashment of cash through the divestment of a non-core business
  • Maintaining the number of employees through both parties utilizing M&A
  • The seller required to immediately establish a new business in Japan

Contents of Support
(Market Research, General Consultation)

  • Introduction and selection of buyout candidates
  • Formulation and facilitation of the buyout scheme
  • Acted as the attorney to expedite negotiation between both parties
  • Accurate advice on pricing based on experience in the M&A field
  • Contract negotiation with the support of experienced accountants and lawyers
  • Post buyout M&A support

Optius's Plus One!Experience in M&A proposals leads to fast paced M&A execution

  • Aided in building the trust between the seller and buyer by analyzing the needs of the clients and proposing a scheme beneficial to both parties