Planning and Execution Support of Sales Strategy

Sales channel expansion for a new product of a food whole sale company


  • Established a sales channel for the new business!
  • Found a partner company for the new business!
  • Got the new business on track!

Company TypeB

  • Type of Business: Food Wholesaler
  • Business Scale: JPY2,000M , Profitable Company
  • Business Area: Kansai Region
  • Number of Employees: 30

Status of Business

  • The current food wholesale business is profitable. However, company B was looking for a new business for future expansion and a diversification of their business portfolio.
  • The company began import and sales of foreign outdoor goods to expand their business.

Managerial Challenges

  • Established a new business but did not have the knowledge on how to expand
  • Sales negotiations were solely conducted by the owner; no method of educating employees on sales tactics
  • The current outdoor goods market was full of competition

Contents of Support
(Market Research, General Consultation)

  • Establishment of Management Meetings → Identified and shared the 3 Keys of Organizational Management (Purpose, Goal, Challenges)
  • Strictly enforced Solution Study and PDCA Cycles regarding challenges (New Business Expansion)
  • Introduction of business partners
  • Sales guidance through business analysis and budget and achievement based numerical management
  • Geared the target market to the wealthy class → Established a strategy

Optius's Plus One!Established synergy with existing products

  • 事業柄どうしても得意先の事情で受注量、売上高は左右される体質から、「自社ブランド」「自社オリジナル製品」の開発による主体的事業への脱皮を図る。
  • あくまでも「既存事業の延長線上(隣接事業)」且つ「最小限の追加コスト」という前提で、具体的なスキーム策定、パートナー選定、コーディネートを行う。