Supporting Small and Medium Sized Enterprises that lack Information・Ideas・Facilitation

Many small and medium sized companies face management challenges at every growth phase.
In most cases a sales oriented company faces difficulties in management and management oriented companies lack in sales channels. In Order to maintain a sustainable business, it ideal that a company strengthens both sales and management. However, many firms do not have internal resources to drive both sales and management.
Often, a company will experience a problem but will have no knowledge to solve it due to the lack of information, network and an internal corporate planning division.
At Optius, we provide the optimum solutions such as corporate and business planning and business matching services based on our knowledge of M&As and Corporate Consulting as well as our specialized network of small and medium sized enterprises.
We are not just a consulting firm. We thrive to build and improve a business hand in hand with owners to provide Business Engineering to support our clients.

Supplying human resources and knowledge on corporate planning

Most small and medium sized enterprises and start up companies realize the importance of building and pursuing their own business strategy and growth strategy. However, many business owners struggle to formulate a long term strategy for new businesses.
Many owners lack specialized knowledge, experience, knowledge, information, networks and human resources.This is due to a lack of resources and lack of knowledge in the corporate planning field.
Ideally, such management challenges should be solved internally. However, many companies restrictions such as time, recruitment which prevent the from M&As, new businesses and even collection of information to support their business.
In order to solve such resource problems, Optius provides companies in need with business, experience, knowledge on new businesses, overseas expansion and M&A. By utilizing our information network, we act as an outsourced corporate planning division to provide optimal business and growth strategies while helping companies establish their own corporate planning division.

Acting as an intercompany messenger to deliver live information

Most owners and employees are unable to collect information other than the scope of business that they specialize in
However, all companies are somehow affected by their supplier or client’s business chain (supply chain, value chain) which means that a stable business may fail due impact from other business scopes
If someone is able to collect valuable information of multiple scopes of business and share the information with companies in need of information, that company should be able to act as the catalyst in business to support an increase in sales, establishment of new businesses, avoiding future risks etc.
At Optius we thrive to link company and company, business and business with our information network to act as a catalyst in the economic world to help your company.

Causing a chemical reaction of business x business to create solutions

We often hear from clients that simply matching up companies will not create new value.
This is often because owners of small and medium sized enterprises often struggle to analyze and express the strengths and weaknesses of their business. A misunderstanding in each others true needs is what prevents corporate partnerships from causing chemical reactions.
Optius acts as a catalyst to cause chemical reactions between companies. By analyzing the true needs of all parties involved and formulating a business scheme based on experience and information network is what makes Optius’s chemical reaction a reality.

A Message From the CEO

Fighting an elephant with an ant pyramid

Although small and medium sized enterprises have specialized business skills, technology in knowledge, it is often difficult to compete with large scale companies handling the economy.
Even if one company does not have the power to fight large companies, if we are able to link small and medium sized enterprises all over the world to pursue business together, wouldn’t there be a chance to duel the large companies? This idea was what gave birth to our company Optius. We must admit, Optius itself is a small company. However, we would like to become a firm with specialized knowledge, a vast information network, planning ability and the ability to take action to link small and medium sized enterprises all over the world to create new business. At Optius we hope to support you and your company to help create sustainable businesses.

Optius Inc. CEO

Naoya Hagiwara

M&As with just 2 Million Yen
〜The Most Powerful M&A Utilization to Develop a Company that Lasts for a Century〜
Publisher:mall Sun Publishing

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Born in Toride City Ibaraki Prefecture in 1968
An M&A advisor and Business Engineer specializing in micro enterprises and small and medium sized enterprises. Believes in owner oriented M&As for firms based on experienced gained through consulting over 1,500 business owners while working at a mainstream credit research company. Focuses on small businesses and their M&As to provide optimal solutions to management challenges.
Acts as an M&A producer at the Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Support Network, operated by Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi, an Economics professor at Rikkyo University.

Corporate Data

Company Name

Optius Inc.


October 2nd, 2008


10,024,810 yen


Dai Ni Arakawa Building 7F, 2-1-1 Kyobashi, Chuo ward, Tokyo 104-0031 Japan






Naoya Hagiwara


  • License of Charged Employment Placement Services (13-ユ304133
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Certification / Support Agencies for Business Innovation

Description of Business

  • M&A Advisory for Small and Medium Sized Eneterprises
  • M&A Execution Support Services
  • New Business Development Support
  • Overseas (Expansion・Retreat) Support
  • Business Revitalization Support
  • Business Activation・Expansion support through the use of Information Network
  • Partner Law Firms
  • (Overseas)