M&A for Survival Strategy – Series M&A Strategy 6

Aquisition is a Tool, Not a Purpose

What kind of options does SMEs have as their strategy? Invest in sales and/or marketing? Find and invest in niche markets? Or if it is becoming difficult to continue the business alone, merge with their competitors or get funded by the big players?

No matter the options, there’s one strategy that any SMEs should always stick to; “flexiblity” and “speed”. The biggest advantage an SME can build against the big players.

So how can SMEs stay flexible and quick with their options? One answer is to utilize an option of M&A. Wether your business is going up or down, there’s always a way to strengthen your company or continue your business through M&A.

Understanding Purpose and Method

Although M&A is an effective tool for your business, you need to ask yourself “Why M&A?”.

M&A is one of many options in order to execute your survival strategy, so you need to consider again the “Pros & Cons”, “Efficiency” or “necessity” of M&A along with other options before putting your hands on it.

In this series, we’ll explain why M&A can not only save many SMEs in danger but can also be a handy tool to strengthen your business quickly and efficiently.

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