A Message From the CEO

We call the service we provide “Business Engineering”.

Our motto is to provide solutions for the client’s management challenges through a combination of our specialized knowledge and vast information network.

The goal is to lead to such a strong SME that can overcome its own challenges in the future.


Optius Inc. CEO

Naoya Hagiwara

Service of Optius

M&A Support

We support the use of M&A, which is one of the management strategies that only managers can choose to solve and survive various management issues for SMEs.

Management and sales strategy support

We will strengthen SMEs with our unique information network and planning capabilities, which are the “three weaknesses” of SMEs: “information ability”, “planning ability”, and “network ability”.

M&A Support

We aim to achieve M&A and business succession with a high degree of satisfaction,
considering the thoughts of the top management.

Small Business

Will this Company Sell?

Focusing on the Main Business

Looking to Seperate Non-Main Businesses

Lack of a Successor

No Successor in the family

Acquiring Founder Profit

Looking to Challenge New Areas

Business in Deficit

Will a business in defecit sell?

Solve with M&A

More on M&A support

Management and sales strategy support

We will solve various management issues surrounding SMEs from the perspective of management.

Management problem of small and medium enterprises

Experiencing a decline in sales

Facing difficulty standardizing the increase in employees

Looking for Business for Overseas

Concerned About the Future of Existing Business

Looking for an IPO

Lack of a Successor

The company is facing financial difficulty

The support menu of optius

What is business engineering?

Establish a management foundation that strengthens SMEs with Optius’s unique information network and planning capabilities, and know-how cultivated with the “three weaknesses” of SMEs, “information power”, “planning power”, and “network power” Is called “business (business) / engineering (creation)”.
Proposal of M&A for the growth of management is one of business engineering.

A Quick Tour of Our Past Projects

Our history

List of Support Projects


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Japan's first med...

Type of Business:IT system developer

Business Scale:Over 20 billion in annual revenue

Planning and Execution Support of New Business

Fund raising thro...

Type of Business:Information Technology (IT)

Business Scale:less than 5 billion JPY (annual revenue)

Finance support

Succsession throu...

Type of Business:Sales Promotion・Advertising Agent

Business Scale:JPY 2,000M

M&A Advisory

Revitalization of...

Type of Business:Plastic Container Manufacturer

Business Scale:Business Scale:JPY 1,500M

M&A Advisory

Manufacturing Man...

Type of Business:Plastic・Rubber Manufacturing Company

Business Scale:JPY 1,000M~

Financial Consulting

Used Furniture Wh...

Type of Business:Used Furiniture Wholesale

Business Scale:JPY 2,000M~ , Profitable Company

Improved communication between employees and departments

Factory Closure i...

Type of Business:Electronics・Material Trading Company

Business Scale:JPY 1,000M~ , Profitable Company

Withdrawl From Overseas Business

Sales channel exp...

Type of Business:Food Wholesaler

Business Scale:JPY2,000M , Profitable Company

Planning and Execution Support of Sales Strategy