Domestic and International Support Projects

Planning and Execution Support of New Business

Japan’s first medical joint venture project in electrocardiography & diagnosis

  • Start of a new joint venture that applies international standard in medical analysis.
  • Created synergy between a listed IT firm and group of doctors who specialize in cardio related analysis
  • Decreased the price of electrocardiography testing down to half.

Company Type (J)

  • Type of Business: IT system developer
  • Business Scale: Over 20 billion in annual revenue
  • Business Area: Tokyo & Osaka
  • Number of Employees: 1000

Status of Business

  • 主力事業の情報システム開発事業は安定
    Their main business in the IT development service is stable
  • Seeking investment opportunities in the medical field.
  • Came to Optius for information on potential business seeds through technology and/or solution.

Managerial Challenges

  • Although the client saw potential growth in the medical industry, they did not have enough resource to make investment decisions in that field.
  • The client had no idea on the market itself.
  • Had no access to the medical society which is crucial when doing medical related business in Japan.

Contents of Support (Project Management Support)

  • Seek for potential partner in the medical service area and organized meetings for discussion.
  • Invited a specialist in the medical field as a project member.
  • Consulting on market research including competitor and user analysis.
  • Developed a business plan for their joint venture.

Optius's Plus One! To ensure things roll out smoothly, a member of Optius joined the new joint venture as a coordinator.

  • Further involvement in the management to ensure both parties bring out their best to create the world's first cloud medical service.