Domestic and International Support Projects

Planning and Execution Support of New Business

Full support from planning to implementing the new product (Health Care)

  • Succeeded in entering a growing new market
  • Built a foundation in a new business field

Company Type (Company E)

  • Type of Business: Electronics Manufacturer
  • Business Scale: JPY 30,000M~ , Profitable Company
  • Business Area: Kanto Region
  • Number of Employees: 300

Status of Business

  • An established company in a niche manufacturing market. The company has experienced a stable market for their product. However, the domestic market has reached its maturity and room for future growth is scarce.
  • Company E established a new business project with a young team of engineers but lacked information to support the project.
  • Company E outsourced support for the new business project to Optius for back up support.

Managerial Challenges

  • Lack of information regarding a potential developing market
  • Lack of knowledge regarding how to approach the technological and business needs of potential business scopes
  • Lack of a specific business plan to enter a new market

Contents of Support (Project Management)

  • Project management support for a new business utilizing a young team of engineers
  • Information collection of technology and business needs
  • Business alliance support to find partners operating promising businesses
  • Market research and business plan formulation support
  • Sales plan formulation and product launch support
  • Customer development and sales logistics formulation support

Optius's Plus One! Coordinated partnerships with a tech company and a sales logistics company

  • Introduced a health care system to the market by focusing on core health care technology geared towards to the aging population